What Is Plane Coordinate Geometry?

What is a Coordinate Plane in Geometry? A coordinate plane is a two-dimensional plane formed by the intersection of the x-axis, the horizontal line, and the y-axis, the vertical line. These perpendicular lines intersect each other at a point called the origin.

What is a coordinate plane example?

For people to use coordinate planes, they need to have a common language. By convention, we normally call the horizontal number line the x-axis, and we normally call the vertical number line the y-axis. For example, this point would be named (6, 2) since 6 is its x -coordinate and 2 is its y-coordinate.

What is meant by coordinate geometry?

A coordinate geometry is a branch of geometry where the position of the points on the plane is defined with the help of an ordered pair of numbers also known as coordinates.

Where is the coordinate plane?

As you remember from pre-algebra a coordinate plane is a two-dimensional number line where the vertical line is called the y-axis and the horizontal is called the x-axis. These lines are perpendicular and intersect at their zero points. This point is called the origin.

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Is the coordinate plane part of geometry?

Introduction to Coordinate Geometry It is one of the branches of geometry where the position of a point is defined using coordinates. A coordinate plane is a 2D plane which is formed by the intersection of two perpendicular lines known as the x-axis and y-axis.

Which descriptions apply to a coordinate plane?

A coordinate plane is a two-dimensional plane formed by the intersection of a vertical line called y-axis and a horizontal line called x-axis. These are perpendicular lines that intersect each other at zero, and this point is called the origin.

How does plane navigation use coordinate geometry?

They make a model of earth using GPS, RADAR etc which is represented in a co-ordinate space in computers. The location of different air-crafts are denoted there using different co-ordinate points. Then the aeroplanes are instructed to go in a certain direction to reach the destination.

What are the quadrants on a plane?

The intersecting x- and y-axes divide the coordinate plane into four sections. These four sections are called quadrants. Quadrants are named using the Roman numerals I, II, III, and IV beginning with the top right quadrant and moving counter clockwise. Locations on the coordinate plane are described as ordered pairs.

What is abscissa and co ordinate?

In common usage, the abscissa refers to the horizontal (x) axis and the ordinate refers to the vertical (y) axis of a standard two-dimensional graph.

Why is it called a coordinate plane?

The invention of the Cartesian Coordinate System is credited to René Descartes. He revolutionised mathematics by providing the first systematic link between Euclidean geometry and algebra. Thus, the Coordinate Plane is named after him.

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What is a coordinate plane used for?

The coordinate plane can be used to plot points and graph lines. This system allows us to describe algebraic relationships in a visual sense, and also helps us create and interpret algebraic concepts.

What is a plane in math?

A plane is a flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions. Given any three non-collinear points, there is exactly one plane through them. Two planes can be parallel (planes A and C in the figure below), or they can intersect in a line (planes A and B.)

What is a coordinate plane simple definition?

The coordinate plane is a two-dimension surface formed by two number lines. One number line is horizontal and is called the x-axis. The other number line is vertical number line and is called the y-axis. The two axes meet at a point called the origin. We can use the coordinate plane to graph points, lines, and more.

Why coordinate geometry is important?

Coordinate geometry is one of the most important and exciting ideas of mathematics. It provides a connection between algebra and geometry through graphs of lines and curves. This enables geometric problems to be solved algebraically and provides geometric insights into algebra.

Where we use coordinate geometry?

Coordinate geometry is applied in calculus, trigonometry etc. It mainly helps us to locate the points in a plane. It’s uses are spread in all fields like trigonometry, calculus, dimensional geometry, etc. Suppose we have to find the distance between 2 points, we can use the help of coordinate geometry for this.

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