What Does Polygon Mean In Geometry?

polygon, In geometry, any closed curve consisting of a set of line segments (sides) connected such that no two segments cross. The simplest polygons are triangles (three sides), quadrilaterals (four sides), and pentagons (five sides). A polygon with all sides equal is equilateral.

What is polygon example?

A polygon is any 2-dimensional shape formed with straight lines. Triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and hexagons are all examples of polygons. For example, a triangle has three sides, and a quadrilateral has four sides.

What is polygon in simple words?

A polygon is a closed shape with straight sides. Rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and octagons are all examples of polygons. The word polygon comes from the Greeks, like most terms in geometry, which they invented. It simply means many (poly) angles (gon).

What is the exact definition of a polygon?

A polygon can be defined (as illustrated above) as a geometric object “consisting of a number of points (called vertices) and an equal number of line segments (called sides), namely a cyclically ordered set of points in a plane, with no three successive points collinear, together with the line segments joining

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What does polygon stand for in math?

In geometry, a polygon (/ˈpɒlɪɡɒn/) is a plane figure that is described by a finite number of straight line segments connected to form a closed polygonal chain (or polygonal circuit). The bounded plane region, the bounding circuit, or the two together, may be called a polygon.

What is polygon coin?

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What is a polygon 4th grade?

A polygon is a closed figure with straight sides. A closed figure starts and ends at the same point.

What is a polygon with 4 sides?

Definition: A quadrilateral is a polygon with 4 sides. Definition: A parallelogram is a quadrilateral where both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.

What are diagonal in math?

In geometry, a diagonal is a line segment joining two vertices of a polygon or polyhedron, when those vertices are not on the same edge. In matrix algebra, a diagonal of a square matrix is a set of entries extending from one corner to the farthest corner. There are also other, non-mathematical uses.

How do you describe a polygon?

In geometry, a polygon can be defined as a flat or plane, two-dimensional closed shape with straight sides. It does not have curved sides.

What is a polygon for Class 8?

A polygon is a two-dimensional enclosed figure made by joining 3 or more straight lines. They are also known as “flat figures”. A polygon having equal sides of equal lengths are called regular polygons.

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What is a polygon answer?

Answer: A polygon refers to any two-dimensional shape whose formation takes place with straight lines. Triangles, hexagons, pentagons, and quadrilaterals are all examples of polygons. For example, a triangle consists of three sides while a quadrilateral consists of four sides.

What is a polygon with 5 sides?

A pentagon is a five-sided polygon. A regular pentagon has 5 equal edges and 5 equal angles.

What is the polygon with 11 sides called?

In geometry, a hendecagon (also undecagon or endecagon) or 11-gon is an eleven-sided polygon. (The name hendecagon, from Greek hendeka “eleven” and –gon “corner”, is often preferred to the hybrid undecagon, whose first part is formed from Latin undecim “eleven”.)

What do you call a polygon with 12 sides?

A dodecagon is a 12-sided polygon. Several special types of dodecagons are illustrated above. In particular, a dodecagon with vertices equally spaced around a circle and with all sides the same length is a regular polygon known as a regular dodecagon.

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