Readers ask: How To Get The Glow Option In Geometry Dash?

Rainbow Trail and the Glow Option are obtained after completing 10 Map Packs. See achivement “Map Packer”, it unlocks “special_02” (Rainbow Trail, it is named this way in the AchievementDesc. plist file). The Glow Option unlocking is never announced in the game, but it unlocks at the same time as the Rainbow Trail.

How do I unlock rainbow trail Gd?

* Complete 10 map packs to unlock the rainbow trail and switch the glow on in the trails menu. You dont have to enable both – you automatically unlock both when you complete 10 map packs, and you can enable one or the other.

What do you do with gems in Gd?

Diamonds were introduced in Update 2.1 and are present in Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World. Diamonds contribute towards unlocking icons and achievements, as well as the Vault of Secrets, the secret level The Challenge, and two of the shops.

What do you say in the vault of secrets?

Now for the Vault of Secrets codes.

  • “Glubfub” Unlocks a secret golden coin.
  • “Octocube” Unlocks a Robot Skeleton icon.
  • “Brainpower” Unlocks a Cranium icon.
  • “(Amount Of Stars You Have)” Unlocks a Perpendicular icon.
  • “Seven” Unlocks an Adventure Time Finn icon.
  • “Gimmiethecolor” Unlocks a color.
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Where is the vault in Geometry Dash?

The Vault is a secret feature of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, being introduced in Update 2.0. It is located through a padlock in the upper right corner of the Settings menu, requiring 10 user coins to gain access.

How do you get Clubstep in Geometry Dash Lite?

Clubstep is the fourteenth level of Geometry Dash and the first level with a Demon difficulty. 10 secret coins are required to unlock the level.

How do I get to the secret shop?

They are accessed by pulling ropes; the shop through the rope located in the Icon Kit menu, and the secret shop and community shop through the ropes located in the last section of the Treasure Room. The secret shop and community shop require 500 and 200 diamonds to unlock respectively.

How do you get the gatekeeper coin?

In order to steal the Keymaster’s coin, you must first steal Spooky’s coin. In order to do this, earn 10 user coins, go to the options menu and tap the top right to enter The Vault. Then, enter “Sparky” to steal Spooky’s coin.

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