Readers ask: Geometry Dash How To Unlock Basement?

The Basement is a secret feature of Geometry Dash and (with limited function) Geometry Dash World, being introduced in Update 2.1. It is located through a door in the lower right corner of the Vault of Secrets, requiring that the secret level The Challenge be completed to access it.

How do you unlock the secret level in Geometry Dash?

The Challenge is a medium length non-chronological secret level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World and the only level of its kind. It is revealed in the Vault of Secrets by entering the code ‘the challenge’. 200 diamonds are required to play the level, otherwise the message “You are not prepared.

What is the hardest Geometry Dash game?

Currently, the list classifies Slaughterhouse as the hardest Demon level in the game.

What is the code for the Geometry Dash vault?

Geometry Dash Vault Codes | The Vault (Working) Lenny – Redeem code to unlock the Lenny Icon. Blockbite – Redeem code to unlock the UFO. Spooky – Redeem code to unlock the Shy Guy Icon. Neverending – Redeem code to unlock an UFO.

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What is Master Emblem in Geometry Dash?

The Master Emblem is hidden in Scratches shop (the rope in the tresure room) you need 500 diamonds to access his shop and i think 1k orbs to buy the master emblem. The master emblem is basically the key to let you in to it. it lets you into the Chamber of Time.

Who verified Tartarus?

Two players made significant progress on the level: Mullsy and Dolphy. But, it was ultimately verified and published by Dolphy on January 6, 2020.

Is bloodbath possible on mobile?

He then went for Bloodbath, this took him a long time to beat, and after three years of no victor, Bloodbath was finally completed on Mobile on July 27, 2019.

Who verified the Golden?

The Golden is a 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo (commonly shortened to Bo) and El3cTr0, published by Bo, and verified by nSwish on April 17, 2020. Known for its extremely difficult wave sections, it has an intense atmosphere similar to that of VSC, a challenge also created by Bo.

How do you find Rubrub in geometry dash?

Beat the Demon Gauntlet. Once you beat it, go to the Treasure Room, and go to Scratch and Potbor’s page. Click on the ground, and a door will appear.

What do you say to the guard in geometry dash?

Introductory dialogue

  • Don’t touch!
  • Just, stop.
  • No one seems to be home.
  • zzzZZZ
  • Go away!
  • No!
  • It’s a secret
  • Stop it!

What is the Chamber of time in geometry dash?

Description. The Chamber of Time contains a text field and a feline ring-handle button below it, referred to as the Gatekeeper. Pressing the button will return a response based on what has been entered into the text field. By entering specific phrases, Icon Kit rewards and associated achievements can be unlocked.

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What do you say in the vault of secrets?

Now for the Vault of Secrets codes.

  • “Glubfub” Unlocks a secret golden coin.
  • “Octocube” Unlocks a Robot Skeleton icon.
  • “Brainpower” Unlocks a Cranium icon.
  • “(Amount Of Stars You Have)” Unlocks a Perpendicular icon.
  • “Seven” Unlocks an Adventure Time Finn icon.
  • “Gimmiethecolor” Unlocks a color.

What are the secrets in geometry dash?

Geometry Dash World ‘Vault Of Secrets’ Codes List

  • Secret Code #1: Ultimate Energy. CLUE: Oh my head.
  • Secret Code #2: Uber Hacker.
  • Secret Code #3: Cold As Ice.
  • Secret Code #4: Sneaky Sneak.
  • Secret Code #5: I Can Count.
  • Secret Code #6: Can’t be Fooled.
  • Secret Code #7: Paint Bucket.
  • Secret Code #8: Burnt Chicken.

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