Quick Answer: What Is The Molecular Geometry Of Clo2?

Chlorite ion (ClO2-) lewis dot structure, molecular geometry, hybridization, polarity

Name of Molecule Chlorite ion
Chemical formula ClO2-
Molecular geometry of ClO2- Bent or V-shaped
Electron geometry of ClO2- Tetrahedral
Hybridization Sp³


What is the molecular shape of cl2o?

The structure of dichlorine monoxide is similar to that of water and hypochlorous acid, with the molecule adopting a bent molecular geometry (due to the lone pairs on the oxygen) and resulting in C2V molecular symmetry.

What is the structure of ClO2?

The molecule ClO2 has an odd number of valence electrons, and therefore, it is a paramagnetic radical. In 1933, Lawrence O. Brockway, a graduate student of Linus Pauling, proposed a structure that involved a three-electron bond and two single bonds.

Is ClO2 a bond angle?

Therefore, ClO2 would have the larger bond angle. In fact, ClO2 has ∠OClO=117.4033∘, whereas ClO−2 has an approximate bond angle of ∠OClO≈110∘(±2∘) ).

Is ClO2 polar?

A) Structure of ClO−2 C l O 2 − is: It has a bent structure where the 2 polar O-Cl bonds and 2 lone pair of electrons do not cancel out

What type of compound is ClO2?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a chemical compound consisting of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms. It is a reddish to yellowish-green gas at room temperature that dissolves in water.

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Is a Cl2O molecule polar?

In Cl2O,the polar bonds are arranged asymmetrically around the central atom in a bent shape as there are two lone pair of electrons on the central atom. The bond dipoles do not cancel and the molecule is polar. Therefore the effects of these polar bonds are not cancelled and the molecule is polar overall.

What is the bond angle in Cl2O?

In Case of Cl2O, delocalisation of lone pair (p) of electrons of oxygen to the vacant d-orbital of chlorine decreases the repulsion by lp and increases the repulsion between bp (bond pairs0. The bond angle thus becomes bery large ( 110.8∘ ).

What is the central atom in Cl2O?

The central atom in Cl2O is O(oxygen). Oxygen uses sp3 hybridized orbitals to bond with two cl atoms, similar to that in H2O

What is the hybridisation of ClO2?

There is one remaining out-of-plane-p-orbital per oxygen. These will, due to symmetry, participate in π-bonding. From VSEPR-theory we know the molecule is bent. The approximate hybridisation of the orbitals of chlorine that match that would be sp².

What is the bond order of ClO2?

For ClO2, the bond order is 3/2.

Is ClO2 paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

ClO2 is paramagnetic due to unpaired electron(s).

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