Often asked: Why Does Junior Throw His Geometry Book?

Why does Junior throw his geometry book? Because he gets so frustrated and just wants to throw it at something, and this signifies him being fed up with the Indian treatment.

What does Junior find in his geometry book that angers Junior?

What angers Junior about his geometry book? He is furious that the same old book is still being used. He says the fact that he is studying from the same book his parents studied from “is absolutely the saddest thing in the world.”

Why was junior disappointed when he saw the name Agnes Adams inside of his geometry textbook?

Junior read this sentence in his geometry textbook at the reservation high school. The reason it was a significant moment for him and the reason it upset him so much is because Agnes Adams is his mother’s maiden name, meaning the book had belonged to her when she took high school geometry.

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Why does junior throw his geometry book What does it signify quizlet?

Why does Junior throw his geometry book? What does it signify? When he realized the age of the book, he says, “My hopes and dreams floated up in a mushroom cloud.” As a result, he is absolutely furious and wildly and angrily throws his book. This signifies his disappointment and anger – his hopes are dashed.

What page does Jr throw geometry book?

He throws the geometry book square at Mr. P (fig 4.3).

Why does junior throws a book at his teacher?

Junior is enraged that he’s being taught with more than 30-year-old course materials, and before he realizes what he’s doing, he throws the book as hard as he can into Mr. P’s face.

Why was junior afraid to attend the powwow?

Rowdy’s father is an alcoholic, and he beats Rowdy regularly. Junior says his parents are drunks too, but they never hit him. Junior doesn’t want to go to the 127th Annual Spokane Reservation powwow because he is afraid he will get beat up, but Rowdy tells Junior he’ll protect him and convinces Junior to go.

Why does Mr P forgive Junior for hitting him with the geometry book?

P says he can forgive Junior because he himself hit Native American kids in his early days of teaching. Mr. P mentions Junior’s sister Mary, the smartest student he’d ever had, wanted to write romance novels. Junior’s surprised because he didn’t know Mary wrote or even read novels.

Who was the smartest kid Mr P ever taught?

Mr. P begins to tell Junior about teaching Mary, Junior’s sister. He says she was the smartest kid he ever taught—smarter even than Junior.

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What does Mr P tell Junior that makes him cry?

When Mr. P asks Junior to say that he deserves the world, Junior starts to cry. Why does this make him cry? He can’t say he deserves the world because he doesn’t believe it, and he believes he’s a troubled kid.

What makes Junior mothers cry?

At home, Junior’s mother is crying. Junior’s mother says he was actually kind of ugly. Junior tells us that the Montana Indians are so tough that the white people are afraid of them. Junior feels a little inspired because he realizes his sister hasn’t given up; she’s actually following her dream.

Who did Junior’s geometry book once belong to?

Junior threw his geometry book when he saw the name ” Agnes Adams ” inscribed in it. Agnes Adams was not just a previous user of the book—she is Junior’s mother. When Junior did the math, he realized that the book he was holding had to be at least 30 years older than him.

Why does junior hit Roger the giant?

One day at lunchtime, one of the jocks, Roger, tells Arnold a horrible racist joke (8.119). Junior is, of course, infuriated. Since he has been insulted, and since he lives by the “Indian Rules of Fisticuffs,” Junior punches Roger dead in the face. Roger is so shocked he can only stare at Junior.

What did Junior’s sister want to do when she grew up?

Mary Spirit (Junior’s Sister) For Junior, Mr. P’s revelation comes as a shock because Mary has spent the years since graduating from high school sleeping the day away in the family basement. Mary wanted to be a romance novelist —another fact Junior learns from Mr.

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What does Junior’s father do when Junior’s dog becomes seriously ill?

Oscar. What does Junior’s father do when Junior’s dog becomes seriously ill in Chapter 2: “Why Chicken Means So Much to Me”? He shoots the dog. He takes the dog to a tribal elder.

What does rowdy accused Junior of thinking?

Both boys begin to cry, which makes Rowdy even more upset. Rowdy screams in rage and pain, and it is the worst thing Junior has ever heard. After Rowdy accuses Junior of thinking he is better than Rowdy, Junior touches his shoulder again, trying to reassure him.

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