Often asked: What Is The Hardest Level In Geometry Dash?

Currently, the list classifies Slaughterhouse as the hardest Demon level in the game.

Is bloodbath the hardest level in geometry dash?

Bloodbath is a 1.9/2.0/2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted, verified, and published by Riot. With the addition of SINGULARITY, Bloodbath has fallen out of the Top 50 hardest Demons. It had remained in the Top 50 for nearly 40 months, longer than any other Extreme Demon besides Sonic Wave.

Is Zodiac the hardest level in geometry dash?

The level is said to be harder than Yatagarasu, Erebus, and Bloodlust, and was the #1 Demon on Pointercrate, being the hardest rated level ever published at its time. Some people have called the level near-impossible due to its length and timings.

What is the easiest level in geometry dash?

Level Easy is a 1.0 Normal 3* level created by Cody. It is the first level in the Beginner Pack. Being the first Map Pack level ever implemented, Level Easy is the second most downloaded user level in the game, below Sonar by JerkRat as of June 2021.

Who beat bloodbath?

The level is called “blood bathtub hard v” and is on Riot’s account, under the ID 31288058. ThunderBT is the first and only person who has beaten Bloodbath on Mobile, beating it on July 27, 2019.

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Is Tartarus harder than bloodbath?

Tartarus is the first 1.9-decorated Demon since Sonic Wave that has been at the #1 spot on the Demon List. It’s also the second #1 Demon hosted by Riot, after Bloodbath. The Tartarus victors tend to agree that it is slightly above Zodiac difficulty.

Who verified the Golden?

The Golden is a 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo (commonly shortened to Bo) and El3cTr0, published by Bo, and verified by nSwish on April 17, 2020. Known for its extremely difficult wave sections, it has an intense atmosphere similar to that of VSC, a challenge also created by Bo.

Who is verifying sonic wave infinity?

Sonic Wave Infinity is a 2.0/2.1 Extreme Demon collaboration originally created by Riot and Viprin, redecorated and published by APTeamOfficial, and verified by Xanii.

Is Zodiac hacked?

Zodiac is a 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by Bianox and hacked/published by Xander on January 28, 2019.

What are demon levels in geometry dash?

Demon levels reward 10 stars upon completion. They are the most difficult levels possible in Geometry Dash, and usually require considerable practice and time to complete.

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