FAQ: Which Of The Following Best Describes Clf2- It Has A Molecular Geometry That Is?

It has a molecular geometry that is linear with no lone pairs on the Cl atom.

Is clf2 linear?

Out of these 8 electrons 2 electrons are used by the two F atoms, to form two bond pairs. Hence total electron pairs =5, the hybridisation is sp3d and the shape is linear.

Which of the following best describes ClBr2 -? It has a molecular geometry that is?

Question: Which of the following best describes ClBr2-? It has a molecular geometry that is A. linear with no lone pairs on the Cl atom.

What is the molecular geometry of clf2?

The molecular shape is “bent”, with a theoretical bond angle of 109.5°.

Is clf2 polar or nonpolar?

Here, both the atoms chlorine and fluorine are electronegative in nature. But, when compare between both the atoms, F-atom has smaller size, hence more electronegative than Cl-atom. Thus, there is also charge distribution present and the given molecule ClF−2 C l F 2 − is polar.

Do clo_2 and clo_3 have the same molecular geometry?

The molecular geometry of ClO2- is bent or V-shaped. Chlorate or the chlorate ion has a molecular formula ClO3 -. Chlorite is similar in that the chlorine atom and one oxygen atom have formal charges of 0, but one oxygen atom has a formal charge of -1.

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What is the name of clf2?

Chlorine difluoride –35cl.

Does clf2 have 3 lone pairs?

We also know that the 2 fluorine atoms bond by occupying an electron each, thus leaving you with 2 bonded and 3 lone pairs on the central atom.

What is the formal charge of clf2?

Structure 2 is the correct configuration because the formal charge of F is zero and the formal charge of Cl is +1.

What is electron pair geometry?

electron-pair geometry: arrangement around a central atom of all regions of electron density (bonds, lone pairs, or unpaired electrons) linear: shape in which two outside groups are placed on opposite sides of a central atom. molecular structure: structure that includes only the placement of the atoms in the molecule.

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