FAQ: What Is Octagon In Geometry?

In geometry, an octagon (from the Greek ὀκτάγωνον oktágōnon, “eight angles”) is an eight-sided polygon or 8-gon. A regular octagon has Schläfli symbol {8} and can also be constructed as a quasiregular truncated square, t{4}, which alternates two types of edges. A truncated octagon, t{8} is a hexadecagon, {16}.

What is a octagon shape look like?

An octagon is a shape that has eight sides, which gives it eight angles. An octagon can also be called a polygon because it has straight sides and is a flat shape, not a 3-D shape like a ball. If any of the sides are curved or the ends don’t quite meet each other, it’s not an octagon!

What is the best definition of a octagon?

The definition of an octagon is an eight-sided, eight-angled figure. An example of an octagon is the shape of a stop sign in the US. noun. 1. (geometry) A polygon with eight sides and eight angles.

What does a octagon look like in math?

Octagon is a polygon in geometry, which has 8 sides and 8 angles. That means the number of vertices is 8 and the number of edges is 8. All the sides are joined with each other end-to-end to form a shape. These sides are in a straight line form; they are not curved or disjoint with each other.

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Does an octagon have 8 equal sides?

The octagon having eight congruent sides and angles is known as a regular octagon. Every regular octagon has the same angle measures. All sides are equal in length, and all the angles are equal in measure. The interior angles add up to 1080°(135×8) and the exterior angles add up to 360°.

How do you describe an octagon?

An octagon is a polygon made up of 8 sides. It has eight angles. Octagon = Octa + gon where octa means eight and gon means sides.

What are angles of octagon?

An octagon has eight sides, so the sum of the angles of the octagon is 180(8 – 2) = 180(6) = 1080 degrees. Because the octagon is regular, all of its sides and angles are congruent. Thus, the measure of each angle is equal to the sum of its angles divided by 8.

How many sides are there in octagon?

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How do you find the sides of an octagon?

Multiply the diameter’s length, the distance from vertex to opposite vertex, by 0.383 to calculate a side’s length. For example, the diameter is 10 inches — 10 inches multiplied by 0.383 results in 3.83 inches.

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