FAQ: How To Access The Vault In Geometry Dash?

The Vault is a secret feature of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, being introduced in Update 2.0. It is located through a padlock in the upper right corner of the Settings menu, requiring 10 user coins to gain access.

What is the code to the vault in geometry dash?

Geometry Dash Vault Codes | The Vault (Working) Lenny – Redeem code to unlock the Lenny Icon. Blockbite – Redeem code to unlock the UFO. Spooky – Redeem code to unlock the Shy Guy Icon. Neverending – Redeem code to unlock an UFO. 7

What do I type in the vault of secrets?

Geometry Dash World ‘Vault Of Secrets’ Codes List

  • Secret Code #1: Ultimate Energy. CLUE: Oh my head.
  • Secret Code #2: Uber Hacker.
  • Secret Code #3: Cold As Ice.
  • Secret Code #4: Sneaky Sneak.
  • Secret Code #5: I Can Count.
  • Secret Code #6: Can’t be Fooled.
  • Secret Code #7: Paint Bucket.
  • Secret Code #8: Burnt Chicken.

What do you say in the vault of secrets in geometry dash?

Let’s Start out with the vault codes.

  • “Spooky” Unlocks a Shy-Guy icon.
  • “Lenny” Unlocks a Lenny Face icon.
  • “(Your Geometry Dash Username)” Unlocks a Big Eye icon.
  • “Mule” Unlocks a Satellite ship.
  • “Blockbite” Unlocks a Monster-Like UFO.
  • “Neverending” Unlocks a Spiky UFO.
  • “Ahead” Unlocks a Spaceship wave.
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How do you unlock the secret shop in Geometry Dash?

They are accessed by pulling ropes; the shop through the rope located in the Icon Kit menu, and the secret shop and community shop through the ropes located in the last section of the Treasure Room. The secret shop and community shop require 500 and 200 diamonds to unlock respectively.

How do you find Rubrub in Geometry Dash?

Beat the Demon Gauntlet. Once you beat it, go to the Treasure Room, and go to Scratch and Potbor’s page. Click on the ground, and a door will appear.

What is the code to the vault of secrets?

These are all the codes for Vault of Secrets: Octocube – Sneaky Sneak – to unlock the octopus-shaped Icon. Brain Power – Ultimate Energy – to unlock the brain-like shape icon. Seven – Cant be fooled – to unlock the Finn (adventure time) icon.

How do you get gems on geometry dash?

Diamonds are obtained by:

  1. Opening the daily chests.
  2. Completing the daily quests.
  3. Opening the chest after beating the weekly demon.
  4. Opening chests from the Treasure Room.
  5. Playing levels from gauntlets.

What is Master Emblem in geometry dash?

The Master Emblem is hidden in Scratches shop (the rope in the tresure room) you need 500 diamonds to access his shop and i think 1k orbs to buy the master emblem. The master emblem is basically the key to let you in to it. it lets you into the Chamber of Time.

Why you touch my stuff geometry dash?

“Why U touch my stuff?” is a reference to the phrase “Why U no”, the caption of an Internet meme associated with a specific expressive face. The hint suggesting the correct phrase to be “stubborn as a mule” is a common idiom.

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How do you unlock the Demon gauntlet in Geometry Dash?

The Demon Gauntlet is a Gauntlet in Geometry Dash. To unlock you need to collect the purple key in the chest after freeing the Demon Guardian.

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